Turning Batters Into Hitters
Portable Hitting Station

Starting with good swing mechanics, SlugMaster Hitting Stations allow a ballplayer to get the swing repetition in while working the strike zone top-to-bottom and in-to-out. Timing drills, hand-eye coordination drills and the ability to have efficient and consistent workouts result in increased bat speed, more consistent solid contact and increased power ~ the bottom line…a better hitter!!

The SlugMaster Portable Hitting Station consists of a portable stand, a stacked receiver and 1 SlugPlug Arm with baseball or softball. (The three 25 pound weights shown in photos are not included.) This portable hitting station allows a ballplayer to get a workout anytime, anywhere. The station can be used at the ballpark or at home. Its 10" inflated tires mean easy transporting across the infield or the yard. In the off season, the portable hitting station is an excellent training device for indoor workouts - the gym, the weight room, the garage, the basement!

SlugMaster equipment allows a ballplayer to get extra cuts in without relying on anyone else - no pitcher, no shagger, no net, no bucket of balls. With 5 different height locations, the stacked receiver allows the hitter to work the strike zone top-to-bottom and inside-to-outside in one workout. In seconds the SlugPlug Arm snaps out of one receiver tube and into another.

A heavy duty woven nylon rope protected by a rope guard provides for a long life. A special composite ball sounds and feels like real baseball. All of this equipment is constructed from heavy gauge steel, plated with yellow zinc. Its rugged design allows for heavy use. The equipment will last for years. Consider it an investment in your game.

SlugMaster is the most comprehensive piece of hitting training equipment on the market today…versatile, durable, compact, easy to use.

Price: $440