Turning Batters Into Hitters

SlugMaster Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn how to use the SlugMaster?

Very easy! If you can swing a bat you can use the SlugMaster and get benefit from it. From beginner to pro, the SlugMaster can help a ballplayer become a better hitter. With each SlugMaster comes a “Hitters Guide” on how to use the product. A DVD is in the works as well as an “Advanced Hitting Techniques” manual.

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How does the SlugMaster compare to other baseball hitting aids?

SlugMaster works the strike zone top-to-bottom and in-to-out. Most other equipment does not do this. Using the SlugMaster requires no additional equipment (nets, balls, tees) nor does it require additional players (pitchers, shaggers). The SlugMaster requires minimal set-up. Just snap in the arm and begin hitting. The SlugMaster, in its rugged, durable design withstands the test of time. Players can begin using the product as a youth right and keep using it through college (or the professional levels). A ballplayer does not outgrow the SlugMaster. There is not a youth version and a separate adult version.

As John Anderson, Head Baseball Coach at the University of Minnesota, shared, “There are a lot of hitting training aids out there. Most of them break down or don’t do what they claim they do. They end up in a pile in a corner. The SlugMaster works. We have been using it since 1993!”

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Will the SlugMaster hold up to a heavy pounding?

The bigger the pounding the better! The SlugMaster is designed to be used by the pro’s! It’s durable, rugged construction makes it a piece that will hold up for years and years. Made from heavy gauge steel, it is plated in clear and yellow zinc to give the finished product an attractive silver and bronze appearance and to offer extra protection from the weather. (Some components are available in stainless steel.) The ball/rope assembly uses a heavy duty interwoven nylon rope along with a specially formulated ball just for SlugMaster. It will take tens of thousands of swings before it needs to be replaced.

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Where can I use my SlugMaster?

Just about anywhere. SlugMaster offers a variety of options in how to mount the receiver unit that the arm snaps into. From the post mounts, to the traveler, to the portable stand to the trailer hitch version, SlugMaster makes it easy to get your cuts in regardless of where you are.

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Can I use my portable stand indoors?

Can I use my portable stand indoors? Absolutely, as long as you have enough room to swing the bat. The portable stand or the Turf Traveler allows the ballplayer to practice year round regardless of weather. With its 9” dura-tread tires, the Turf Traveler is designed for easy transport regardless of the terrain. It is easy to wheel in and wheel out. Hit in the garage, carry into the basement or roll into the yard….the Traveler will go where you go.

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How is my SlugMaster Shipped?

Your SlugMaster is shipped via by UPS™ Ground to the 48 contiguous states. All other deliveries are shipped via air freight. Expect all shipments to arrive in 5-10 business days.

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Does my SlugMaster come assembled?

Depending on the product, some assembly may be required. Post mount units will require attaching the receiver to a post. The post could be a fence post, basketball post or any other sturdy post. Portable stands will require assembly. All products will have the necessary hardware and easy to follow assembly instructions enclosed. Additional assistance is available by contacting SlugMaster Customer Service at slugmaster_of_illinois@yahoo.com.

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How much does a SlugMaster weigh?

Depending on the product, anywhere from 6 - 50 pounds. The portable stand weighs 50 pounds, heavy enough to provide the strength and durability to withstand a pounding, but light enough to transport to and from the ball park.

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Will the portable stand fit in the back of my SUV?

The SlugMaster portable stand fits in the back of most SUV’s and some automobiles. Fully assembled, it measures 52” tall by 42” wide and 20” deep.

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Does the SlugMaster have a warranty?

Yes. The SlugMaster has a lifetime warranty on all steel parts and 1 year warranty on the ball/rope assembly. These warranties cover all manufacture defects that result in the product breaking down. If the product fails you during the warranty periods, your product will be replaced free of charge.

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Do you have a return policy?

Yes. SlugMaster has a 60-day return policy. The trial period starts once you receive your SlugMaster. If at anytime in the first 60 days you are not completely satisfied with the SlugMaster product, you may return it to the factory for a full refund.

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How many SlugMasters have been sold so far?

Thousands and thousands of SlugMasters have been sold since the product was first introduced in 1993. The SlugMaster is used by youth, high school, college and professional ballplayers. Customers include ballplayers, schools, youth organizations, park and recreation departments, colleges and universities and professional teams.

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Where can I buy SlugMaster? Are there any dealers or stores that carry SlugMaster?

You can buy the SlugMaster products right here on this website. The SlugMaster website offers a secure checkout process for all customers. There are currently a limited number of dealers that carry the product. Please check out the dealer section of this website to see if there is one near you.

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How can I become involved in the distribution of the SlugMaster products?

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or an independent rep for SlugMaster, please contact us at slugmaster_of_illinois@yahoo.com.

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How can I learn more about SlugMaster?

Repeated visits to our website for starters. We will soon be adding online video clips to our site. These clips will show the SlugMaster in action and allow you to hear testimonials from coaches and ballplayers that use the product. Check out the upcoming events section of the website to see where we will be in the months ahead. If we are in or near your community, give us a call and we will arrange to meet with you for a free demo. Please email us at slugmaster_of_illinois@yahoo.com.