Turning Batters Into Hitters

The SlugMaster™ Post Mount Hitting Station
Customer Testimonials

“The SlugMaster™ gives the hitter an opportunity to take quality swings on a daily basis. Using one or more SlugMasters, hitters can go to different stations and swing at pitches set at different heights. This ultimately provides more swings using less baseballs. It gives you the ability to practice alone and to adjust the ball to different heights in a shorter time period.”

Richard Jones Head Baseball Coach University of Illinois

“By incorporating the SlugMaster™ into my team practices, my players get literally hundreds of extra swings. I fully recommend and endorse the SlugMaster.”

Dean Bowyer Head Baseball Coach Minnesota State University

“The SlugMaster™ is an excellent piece of equipment. It eliminates the need for ball shaggers and allows the batter to concentrate on swinging.”

Jim Dimick Head Baseball Coach St. Olaf College, MN

“The Hitter’s Watch Dog can improve the swing of any hitter, no matter what the age or level. Our players at Arizona State University use the Watch Dog regularly. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to take their hitting to the next level.”

Pat Murphy Head Baseball Coach Arizona State University

“I can confidently recommend both the SlugMaster™ and Tire Hitting Stations as assets to any coach’s baseball program. I full endorse these products for use at any skill level and at any age. There are lots of products that have come out over the years but none like the SlugMaster™. Its easy to use, durable, convenient, versatile, takes little space, lasts forever,…, and it works!” John has been using the product since 1993. He uses it with the Minnesota Gophers baseball team and at his baseball schools.”

John Anderson University of Minnesota Head Baseball Coach Past Big Ten Coach of the Year

“I started using the SlugMaster™ in 1993 while head baseball coach at Minnetonka High School. Currently, I use it at Concordia University and at my two baseball schools. The SlugMaster™ products have application for ballplayers of all ages. The SlugMaster™ is easy to use, durable, and convenient. It works better than all other hitting devices in the market.” Mark uses the SlugMaster™ products with the Concordia University baseball team and at his baseball schools.”

Mark “Lunch” McKenzie Head Baseball Coach Concordia University Previous Head Coach U.S. Junior Olympic Team Gold Medal Winner

“With the SlugMaster™, each player can take a full cut while totally concentrating on body mechanics and, from a coaching standpoint, I can easily adjust those mechanics.”

Mark Ziese Head Baseball Coach Lakeville High School, MN

“The SlugMaster ™is a tested and proven hitting station that gives the coach the ability to TEACH hitting techniques at every practice or pre-game. And with NO CHASING BALLS. I give the SlugMaster™ a 100% YES! and recommend that all baseball programs consider installing the SlugMaster™ System at their parks.”

Terry Steinbach Former Major Leaguer Oakland Athletics, Minnesota Twins