Turning Batters Into Hitters

The SlugMaster Portable Hitting Station
Championship Package

Unique Design

The SlugMasterTM Hitting Station is a special patented heavy-duty ball rope assembly that slides into a heavy gauge steel receiver, which can be permanently bolted or chain-locked to almost any fence or post.

Durable for Heavy Use

Designed specifically for the rugged, high use of teams and sports programs, the SlugMasterTM is an institutional-grade hitting station, capable of taking thousands of hits day after day. Coaches and trainers can use this one single product with the entire team for years.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone knows that the more you practice, the more you will improve. With the SlugMasterTM Hitting Station, your players can get all the practice they need. Rather than have them stand around waiting for batting practice, you can use the Hitting Station to let your players swing as many times as they need and improve the efficiency of your practices. The SlugMasterTM can also be used indoors, rain or shine.

Master Every Pitch

The Hitting Station provides a sure target for continuous drills on all locations of pitches. With the stacked receiver, the ball can be set at various heights to allow your players to develop muscle memory for the different pitches in the strike zone, including inside/outside pitches. The SlugMasterTM also lets batters practice driving the ball to all locations of the field.

Protect Your Fences

The SlugMasterTM Hitting Station provides an alternative to hitting balls into the fence, saving fences and the cost of replacing them. With a SlugMasterTM as a part of youth and school training programs, sports programs and field managers can save thousands of dollars in repairing curled fences from soft-toss and tee hitting.

Easy As 1..2..3..

The ultimate piece of equipment! Allows two batters to practice at the same time. This Station offers portability for indoor and outdoor use. Excellent pre-season swing training tool or for rainy days when you still need to get your cuts in. Perfect hitting station to use in garage or wheel across yard or infield.

Ideal for serious ballplayers, coaches and private hitting instructors. Easily tilts back and rolls into position. With 5 different height locations, the Station allows the batters to work the strike zone top-to-bottom and in-to-out in one workout. In seconds the SlugPlug Arm snaps out of one receiver tube and into another.

The Tire Mount attachment builds wrist and shoulder muscles, teaches players to push through the ball, and builds the confidence to become a power hitter. Made from heavy gauge zinc plated steel. Assembly required (hardware included). Three 25 pound weights hold in place (not included).

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The SlugMaster is a tested and proven hitting station that gives the coach the ability to TEACH hitting techniques at every practice or pre-game. And with NO CHASING BALLS. I give the SlugMaster a 100% YES! And recommend that all ball programs consider installing the SlugMaster System at their parks.”

Terry Steinbach, Former Player Minnesota Twins

SlugMaster Return and Refund Policy

SlugMaster offers a full 60 day trial period on all of its products. If for any reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the product, it may be returned to SlugMaster for a full refund.

If any product should ever fail due to faulty workmanship, it may be returned to SlugMaster for a like replacement.